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Our Teams

Unlike many other organizations, Article6 requires that all members actively serve at some capacity. We are a team of professional individuals, working together toward one common goal; preserving and defending the supreme law of the land, The United States Constitition, and working to ensure that the peoples rights are not violated.

Since each individual has varying interest levels and areas of expertise, we have a number of "teams" that members can choose to work within to help further the mission.

CPT: Community Preparedness Teams:
CPT teams provide preparedness training to communities, neighborhoods, community organizations, churches, civic clubs and other local groups as well as specific training to internal teams. CPT teams specialize in the following areas of expertise:

  • Communications
  • Community Safety and Personal Security
  • Engineering
  • General Preparedness
  • Medical

CRT: Community Response Teams:
CRT teams deploy on Safety Operations as requested or invited by external, non-affiliated organizations. Whenever possible CRT teams coordinate with local law enforcement. Some operations require travel. All CRT members must maintain regular training with pistol and rifle at local ranges or with fellow CRT members. All CRT members will be thoroughly vetted and must attain FDLE background checks plus CJSTC certification equivelence before participating in operations while armed.

PAT: Political Action Teams:
PAT teams monitor local and state ordinances and leglislation as proposed or passed. PAT's establish relationships with elected officials and attended meetings in order to promote or discourage any leglislation that may impede an individuals Constitutional Rights.

FIRST: Forward Intel & Recon Search Teams:
FIRST team members work independently to obtain intel on opposition, speakers for non-organization events that involve CRT deployment, national intel that may impact members, and other assignments as needed.

RTI: Reach, Teach and Inspire:
RTI team members are responsible for working within their communities to "Reach, Teach, and Inspire" sworn law enforcement, military, first responders, and elected officials regarding the Constitution and their Oath to it.

AOS: Admin and Operations Support Teams:
AOS members provide chapter leaders with administrative support by preparing After Action Reports, PSA & Press Releases, mass email submissions, meeting planning, and other tasks as necessary.

COMSEC: Communication Security Teams:
COMSEC ensures that all internal communications systems are secured.

SUP: Support Only Member:
These are members who are unable to serve in any of our teams, but would like to support our efforts financially, with local chapter meeting attendance and trainings.

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