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Press Releases

  • Saturday, March 10 2018
    Operation Fianna - Saint Augustine, FL - March 10th, 2018
    Operation "Fianna": Article6 Northeast and Central East will have CRT teams as well as plain-clothes surveillance teams present immediately following the St. Patrick's Day parade in St. Augustine due to two planned protests.
  • Thursday, March 01 2018
    City of Coral Gables Violates Florida Law
    Call To Action: Coral Gables, FL city commissioners said Tuesday that they would risk being ousted from office and being faced with thousands of dollars in fines and legal costs by pursuing a ILLEGAL local gun ban contrary to A) Florida statute 790.33. B) The United States Constitution Article VI & Amendment II. St. Lucie County Sheriff also appears to be taking illegal (per 18 U.S. Code 241) action. Alachua County has passed a resolution to have the legislature lift 790.33.
  • Monday, August 14 2017
    Public After Action Report: Central Baptist Church, Ocala, FL, August 13, 2017
    Oath Keepers of Florida working with Ocala Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff's Office to provide public safety at Central Baptist Church in Ocala, FL. due to threats of service disruption due to the evening services guest speaker, Randy Osborne, on the topic of the indoctrination of sharia law in public schools.

Prior to 9/13/2017 we were serving as "Oath Keepers Florida". We are now "Article6", an independant organization.

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